The Elephant in the Classroom

June 23, 2021

The last school year has been fundamentally and disruptively different from any other. There is a deep wish to "just go back to normal:" back to the safety of the known structures, relationships, and ways of working. However, when the new school year starts, there will be an elephant in the classroom. Too big and potentially destructive to be ignored, it is the legacy of the pandemic: an undercurrent of exhaustion, vulnerability, grief and loss, but also an impression of newly discovered strengths, growth, agency and hope.

Addressing this elephant in an open and empathetic way allows us to deal with the fallout of the pandemic and harness the momentum of change initiated by necessity. This is why we are collaborating with renowned experts to craft a course that will prepare teachers and equip them with evidence-based, practical tools for the unique year ahead.

We are delighted to bring together a panel of global experts to help

Please reach out to us: for full details.

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