Together, let's hit the ball out of the park.


We play across the full range of wellbeing and future skills.

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Relationships & Collaboration          
Emotional Intelligence                       
Purpose & Conscience                       
Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
Strengths & Accomplishment          
Creativity & Adaptability                    
Vitality & Self-Care                               


You Tell us your needs & goals
We Suggest a tailored pathway
You  Experience & explore
We Drip-feed habit-forming tools
You Tell us how it's going
We Adapt program & pathways
You Share impact
We Document progress & competencies


We meet you where you are to bring experiences directly to your school and to your devices.
- on-site
- online
- live
- self-paced
You choose from 7-minute micro-modules to year-long programs engaging the whole school community, groups or individuals.


Self-paced exercise in under 7 minutes


Single topic presented live or self-paced, ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours

Modular Program

Series of topics on a pre-defined theme or to meet an individual objective, ranging from a single day to a school year

Whole-School Collaboration

Integrated modular program addressing multiple stakeholder groups: leadership, staff, teachers, students, parents
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