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Elke Paul co-founder CreatePositive


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Elke Paul, PhD

What makes us happier together? This question has followed me through various academic degrees, careers, countries, and spiritual studies. I learned: it’s not money, intellect or background, it's our human potential for abilities like purpose, compassion and collaboration, that allows us to thrive. It inspires me that this is teachable.

• Education & Wellbeing Expert, School Consultant
• Worked & lived in Europe, USA, Australia & Asia
• Designed & led 350+ Professional Dev't workshops
• Positive Education Transformation at 2 IB schools
• Curriculum development for Mental Health Ed
• PhD Comparative Education
• MS Youth Social Work
•  Positive Psychology Certificate
• Love stillness, yoga, meditation & laughter


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Tamara Lechner

Happiness happens by choice, not chance. I aim to be so happy that those around me want to step into my light. My daughter’s autism diagnosis sparked my realization that  connection, joy and purpose matter deeply and are rarely explicitly taught as skills. I believe in proactively equipping children with tools to thrive rather than reacting once mental health issues arise.

• Educational Wellbeing Global Business Developer
• Serial entrepreneur
• Geelong Institute (IPE), Manager North America
• The Center for Positive Ed, Bus Dev't & Certification
• Flourish Dx, N. America Rep. for software solution
• Author, publisher, curriculum development
• Love throwing epic parties and exploring beaches

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Britta Klolotschnik co-founder CreatePositive headshot image


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Britta Klokotschnik

Schools should lead, not lag! As a management consultant, I learned my craft working with corporate leaders, rose to Vice President in a top global firm and then built my own business. CreatePositive combines my passion for education with my business and leadership experience. My two sons make this mission very personal.

• Senior Management Consultant, Change Expert
• 30+ years working in Americas, Europe & Japan
• Partner with C-suite, top managers & their teams
• Build operational capabilities & training programs
• CEO, Cirrus Management Consulting GmbH
• Vice President, Booz & Company
• BA History, Yale University
• Love travel, museums, great food and close friends


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